Prot Prot Pills (3Ps)
Lore & Effects

Prot Prot Pills, otherwise known on the street as “3Ps”, were originally created by a shadowy group of pharmacologists who were seeking some sort of life-extension molecule. Rather than testing their initial creation on themselves, they leaked the drug to a few unwitting participants on the streets of Horo City. The effects, though not what they were originally searching for, were incredible to say the least. The experimental test subjects saw their energy levels increase exponentially, their strength and speed skyrocketing. The first test subject ingested the pill and within seconds ran out of the alley and into the road running clean through a city bus - unscathed. The second user allegedly took the pill and a reddish, hazy aura formed around him. He supposedly jumped straight up to the roof of the 3 story building next to him, never to be seen again. There are many such stories…


Impressed with the effects of their new discovery the group founded a corporation, T.O.T.E, and found a way to mass produce their drug. Through unknown tactics, T.O.T.E worked behind the scenes with the government of Horo City and the drug was legalized. It could soon be found everywhere from the corner store to large pharmacies, available to anyone for a very reasonable price. The one downside - the effects don’t last forever. As such there is ever growing demand for more and more pills, and growing calls for stronger and longer lasting variants.


These pills have become ubiquitous in our society. We take them to make us stronger, faster, more agile and adept than we normally could be. Every sporting event is flush with 3Ps that boost sprint speeds, weight lifting ability, and every other athletic potential imaginable. Hell, even mega-corporations and eSports conglomerates are feeding their teams 3Ps to increase their focus and mental acuity.


So you must be thinking, this sounds great, what’s the problem? Well, as with all great things, they can be used… incorrectly.


Our home, Horo City, has a number of gangs fighting viciously for territory. Guess what their new drug of choice is? Prot Prot Pills. Not just any 3Ps though, these gangs have gotten more creative and have worked to formulate some dreadful stuff that we call Degen variants, or D3Ps. These have been altered to further augment the user's body. Sometimes the effects are beneficial, unlocking a new ability or physical attribute, though more often than not, the Degen variants are more than a normal person can handle - resulting in disastrous side effects. These D3Ps are a danger to our society and especially a danger to the T.O.T.E. Corporation, so they were recently outlawed.


T.O.T.E. recognizes this threat and has formed an elite group of hunters to chase down these rogue Degen variant users and the gangs that create them. These hunters are called Prot Runners. They have an unlimited supply of 3Ps, but sometimes their supply alone just isn’t enough to take on the strongest of augmented enemies…